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Ready Mix Concrete




Ready mix concrete is the most widley used construction material in the world. Concrete in its most simple form is a mixture of portland cement, stone, sand and water. Concrete has advanced significantly over the last 50 years which has allowed us to build bigger and more durable structures like the highways and bridges we drive on and the hospitals and schools in our communities. New technologies in admixtures and supplementary cementitous materials(SCM) have provided great advances in the concrete industry.


We can supply all of your concrete needs from any of our 5 plants. We follow strict ASTM C 94 standards when batching concrete and our ACI and WisDOT certified technicians will perform the quality control necessary to insure all of our concrete meets industry specifciations. 


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Fiber Reinforcement


All fibers are not created equal. We offer three different types of fiber to make sure you are using the right fiber for the right job. Each category of fiber has its unique advantages, each providing exceptional performance.


MONOFILAMENT FIBER -  Reduces plastic shrinkage cracking.


FIBRILLATED FIBER  - Can replace 6x6 W1.4xW1.4 wire mesh as secondary reinforcement. 


MACRO FIBER - Can replace larger wire mesh and #3 & #4 rebar as secondary reinforcement. The fiber dosage must be calculated for proper replacement of steel reinforcment.


If you would like, Northern Lakes Concrete can provide a project specific calcualtion to insure you are using the correct fiber at the correct dosage. Please fill out and fax in the Fiber Reinforcement Replacement Request (RRR) form below.




Integral Color

We offer powdered integral color to serve your decorative concrete needs. We have color charts available upon request. We can also supply you with sealers, curing compounds, and antique releases.


Our integral color is made of synthetic iron-oxide pigments that are light-fast, lime-proof, weatherproof and will not fade over time. An occasional cleaning and coat of sealer is all the maintenance you will need to do to keep your slab looking new for years to come. 


There are many factors to consider when designing your decorative concrete project. Please read the documents below and take into consideration the advice included. Please note it is not recommended that you choose a color from an online color chart. Please obtain a color chart from one of our plants or office to select a color. 

Flowable Fill

Flowable fill is a product made of cement, fly ash, sand, water, and admixtures. Flowable fill is easy to work with and can be an economical alternative to compacted granular fill. Just as its name states, flowable fill is highly fluid, or flowable, and is typically self-leveling. Flowable fill is not concrete as is not intended to be used as concrete.


Flowable fill can be either structural or non-sturctural depending on your application. Structural flowable fill is intended to be permanent and non-structural flowable fill can be easily excavated and removed in the future. This product is commonly used for backfilling walls, filling in utility trenches, filling old sewer lines and septic tanks, and erosion control. 


Flowable fill is also commonly known as; controlled low strength material (CLSM), lean-mix, controlled density fill, and unshrinkable fill. 






Ready Mix Trucks


We use front discharge ready mix trucks for all of our deliveries. Front discharge mixers help the driver see the direction the chutes are pouring the concrete without leaving the vehicle. These types of trucks make for a safer job site.  We also have a GPS monitoring system on our delivery trucks to help provide the best service possible.


Many considerations should be taken into account when our trucks will be delivering concrete to your jobsite. First, our trucks are over 13 feet high off the ground. Overhead power or telephone lines or tree branches can make it extremely dangerous for our trucks on a jobsite. Also, our trucks weigh roughly 72,000 lbs when fully loaded. If the access to your jobsite has unstable soil, there is a good chance our trucks will get stuck.  Please keep these important details in mind when planning your concrete pour.




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