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Environmental Responsibility. 

All the materials we produce are 100% recyclable! 

Northern Lakes Concrete Recycling Environment
Northern Lakes Concrete Recycle Environment
Our Goal. 

Our goal is to make the environment we work in even better. Northern Lakes Concrete takes all necessary steps and precautions to ensure we create a healthy environment. 

Every single one of our material's can be recycled. Making our industry one of the "greenest" in the world. 

Recycled Materials

Recycled Concrete

Many types of concrete can be recycled, including roadways, slabs, bricks, cinder blocks, and more. Concrete with re-bar in it is also recycled. The concrete is broken into pieces and the re-bar is separated from it and recycled as scrap metal (above). The concrete is later crushed and used as a substitute for other materials, such as road gravel.

Recycled Fly Ash

Each year, over 125 million tons of fly ash are produced each year as the byproduct of burning coal to produce electricity. It used to go into landfills, now, however, it can be used in new concrete. Fly ash in concrete improves its workability, reduces water demand, aggregate segregation, bleeding, and also improves resistance to sulphate and alkali reactions which weaken concrete.

Recycled Shingles

Northern Lakes Concrete also recycles asphalt shingles. We collect shingles for a small fee at our Hurley and Phillips locations. The collection fee for Hurley is $1.10 per cubic foot and Phillips is $22 per ton. To find the location nearest you, click here.




 Northern Lakes Concrete Recycle Environment
Northern Lakes Concrete Recycle Environment

Our company performs reclamation at every single one of our aggregate sources. Berms are built, grass and tree's  are planted. This helps prevent erosion and contain excess noise.

The above pictures display what our aggregate sources look like before and after reclamation has been performed. 



Northern Lakes Concrete is committed to the elimination of worker injury throughout our operations. We are not willing to tolerate any injury to our own workers, or to the workers of any contractor while engaged in our projects. Any lesser commitment conveys the message that accidents are inevitable and that some level of injuries are acceptable. Meeting this challenge takes a great deal of hard work, time, and requires a commitment to safety from management, employees, and contractors on our projects. All of our employee's are MSHA, OSHA 10, and first aid certified, as well as other specialized site specific training. 

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