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Ordering Concrete


Speaking with the dispatcher is one of the most critical steps in the delivery process. If one detail is left out, it can completely change the outcome of your pour. And probably not in a good way. When getting ready to make the call, please have these details available.


  • Name and account

  • Delivery address, fire number, closest intersection

  • Mix type and strength required (footing, wall, slab, 4000 PSI, 4500 PSI, interior, exterior, etc.)

  • Aggregate size, slump, admixtures 

  • Quantity needed, and balance load if necessary

  • Delivery rate (CY/HR) or spacing between trucks (minutes)

  • Placement method (chute discharge, pump, conveyor belt, wheelbarrow, etc.)

  • Any special or outstanding circumstances (multiple stops, road restrictions, etc.)


Having this information will insure you get the best possible service and allow you to complete your project on time.

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